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The Eclectic Cinema
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The Eclectic Cinema was founded in the belief that there is a place in Cheltenham for an independent cinema that screens a range of 'alternative' films. For major blockbusters, you know where to go, but when it comes to alternative cinema there's a bit of a gap.

The films we'll screen are divided into 'strands' reflecting a variety of cinematic categories. While each of these may attract a different audience, we hope that within the eclectic mix there will be something to interest everyone. If one strand proves especially popular, we'll try to include more films. If a strand doesn't work out, we'll try another. Your ideas about the types of films you'd like to see will always be considered seriously.

The Eclectic Cinema opened at Cheltenham Playhouse in January 2022 and will continue its programme with one or more films screening each month.
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