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Ed Wood      15
USA | 1994                         110 minutes
Tim Burton
Johnny Depp|Martin Landau|Sarah Jessica Parker

Edward D. Wood Jr. is reputed to have directed some of the worst films of all time. This may be true (I’ve seen a few of them), but his story is interesting and Tim Burton has created a very funny docu-drama about the career of this filmmaker, who brought us such gems as Glen or Glenda, Bride of the Monster and Plan 9 from Outer Space during the 1950s. Wood’s ambitious ideas soared way beyond his talent or financial resources. The films he produced were necessarily low budget, and Wood found ingenious ways of keeping costs down. But he also befriended the ailing and all-but-forgotten Bela Lugosi – star of the 1930s Dracula films – and included him in several of his own productions. The relationship between Wood and Lugosi is quite touching.

Johnny Depp does a fine job in the title role, apparently relishing the chance to play another eccentric character, complete with opportunities to dress-up. Martin Landau does a realistic take on Lugosi, and he got an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1995. The film also includes reconstructions of several parts of Wood’s films. Even so, the production values, though dialled down, don’t quite reach the depths of the originals!

Ed Wood cost US$18 million to make and did not recover this at the box office. Nevertheless, it has become something of a cult classic and Tim Burton himself regards it as one of his best films.

An unusual film in being both funny and informative.
3 June 2024 MONDAY 19:30
Tickets £8.00|£5.00 (up to age 25)
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